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I've moved my blog and photoblog back home. A few of my other sites might follow. I'm hoping to have them better integrated so. At the moment people will come up to me and say 'I saw your home page!' and I'll ask them which one. Not a good place to be. I've been planning an integrated solution for a year without really having had the time for it, but having it back home might actually do some good for those plans. :-)

Blog spam

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A couple of hours ago my blog was spammed with lots of comments. They all got caught, so no worries, but what surprised me was that although they were clearly spamming for the same host, they came almost all from differen IP-adresses, radically different IP-adresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Someone is having a bit more fun with distributed computing than they should.

Blog up

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I needed to post this somewhere, so I made a blog. Home blog. Hooray... better than my old html-page with weblog-like-contents. Anyways, reason I couldn't use my old roller blog was that I needed a TrackBack. But hey, the blog I wanted to refer has no trackback-support either. Argh! 5 minutes wasted. ;-) Anyways, this Apple-blog told me version 10.3.4 of OS X is out. Good stuff. It's just general blah-blah, but this is what I'm hoping for:
improved disc burning and recording functionality, DVD+R(W) coming? My drive is really a DVD+/-RW but is locked to DVD-R only. Way to go Apple. ;-)
additional FireWire audio and USB device compatibility, can I now finally hook up my Nomad Jukebox 3? I was happy when I read Apple supported it with iTunes, only to find out that they only supported version 1.0. Now I'm hoping. :) (update installing)

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