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Well Tempered

Your instrument - precisely in tune

Well Tempered is the tuner that comes with 268 temperaments from mideval times until today. Tune your instrument to match the music you want to play. Move the temperaments to fit the key you want to play in. Try out the temperaments with the build-in keyboard, or your Bluetooth enabled keyboard

Made by musicians - for musicians

Easy to get started

Getting started with Well Tempered is a breeze thanks to its user-friendly design. The app offers a straightforward interface, making it simple for musicians to access its diverse tuning features and start using them immediately.

A universe to explore

Well Tempered unveils a boundless musical universe for users by offering a vast array of temperaments, enabling musicians to explore and experiment with a universe of harmonic possibilities for their music.

Chromatic tuner

Well Tempered is a chromatic instrument tuner that uses your iPhone or iPads microphone, or an external microphone.

Pitch pipe

Well Tempered is a pitch pipe and tuning fork, playing the tones you can tune after either through your iPhone or iPads speaker, or through external wired or Bluetooth speakers or headsets

Built-in keyboard

Well Tempered comes with an 88 key keyboard optimised for both having enough keys on-screen to let you try out different chords in the temperament of your choice, yet with wide enough keys to make it easy to play.

Bluetooth keyboard

Connect your favourite Bluetooth keyboard and try out the temperaments using a real keyboard instead of the virtual one.

268 temperaments

Based on an extensive source material, we have collected 268 different temperaments. Explore what your favourite composer might have been using and how these temperaments influence the expression of their music.

3325 unique tunings

Easily transpose each temperament as your setting requires it. Are you accompanying a someone who would prefer to play the piece a third higher? Take the temperament with you a third higher so the keys maintain their intended flavour.

Extremely precise

Well Tempered strives to be the most precise tuner in the app store, while still giving you control to balance responsiveness and accuracy. You can define a precise reference frequency, such as A = 417.32 Hz, making Well Tempered a favourite among instrument makers.

Great support

Well Tempered has been in the App Store since early 2009. It has been kept up-to-date regularly, giving its users great value over many years. As its creator I have been fortunate enough to be in touch with many of you over the years, and I look forward to hearing from you with questions or comments you might have. Please use the contact form to get in touch.