Canon Pixma Pro9000 MkII on Snow Leopard

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Recently I bought a Canon Pro9000 MkII printer. About a week later, Snow Leopard was released. I decided I wasn't too fond of the drivers that came with Snow Leopard and wanted the "official" ones. However, they won't install on anything beyond Leopard, unless you do some tweaking. If tweaking is what you'd like, you've come to the right place. In this little post, we'll install them.

First, use Disk Utility to create a new image that's read/write enabled from the CD. Select the CD (CANON_IJ) from within Disk Utility and hit the "New Image" button at the top of the window, between "Enable Journaling" and "Convert". Select "read/write" from Image format and save the image to your desktop. You should get a window titled "Disk Utility Progress" saying Creating Image and Reading CANON_IJ. Let it finish

Having done that, eject your CD, and be sure you have your image mounted. (Double-click it if it's not). Open your terminal, and write

cd /Volumes/CANON_IJ
find ./ -name getosversion -print

That should give you:
.//Set/Printer Driver/Pro9000 Mark II series/PrinterDriver_Pro9000II series_071700.pkg/Contents/Resources/getosversion
.//Set/Printer Driver_Alt/Pro9000 Mark II series/PrinterDriver_Pro9000II series_101800.pkg/Contents/Resources/getosversion

Now replace these files with a string saying your OS is version 10.5.8:
cat > /tmp/getosversion
echo 1058
press ctrl-d
chmod a+x /tmp/getosversion
cp /tmp/getosversion "Set/Printer Driver/Pro9000 Mark II series/PrinterDriver_Pro9000II series_071700.pkg/Contents/Resources/getosversion"
mv /tmp/getosversion "Set/Printer Driver_Alt/Pro9000 Mark II series/PrinterDriver_Pro9000II series_101800.pkg/Contents/Resources/getosversion"
You'll get an "Operation not permitted" when mv tries to set the file owner, don't worry about that. Voila, you're good to go. Run the setup from your image. You'll get a warning saying the OS version is unsupported, but we've just made it so that it will complete correctly. So just click OK when you get the warning, install the printer as you would before and enjoy

Canon EOS 450

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The Canon EOS 450 was announced today, and now DPReview has made a preliminary review of it. I'm sad it doesn't go past 1600 ISO. Nikon is going for high ISOs now, and Canon has pretty much stood still since I bought my 20D. My wish for the next camera (Canon 50D?) is higher ISO with low noise (low noise at 6400 ISO, boost ISO to 25600 ISO. I can dream, can't I? But Nikon has low noise up to 3200 ISO so Canon should do its best to do better) and sensor-based image stabilizing. If you need to cut back, Canon, I can do without live view. :-)

Canon 30D released

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The speculations on Canon's release are over, DPReview has a preview of the Canon 30D that was released today. In short: not much new from the 20D. More flexible ISO settings and a larger screen. What is this? They should've called it Canon 21D. ;-) Not much of a version bump, while 10D to 20D was significant. With the release of the 5D I was hoping for some of the features to be brought down to the x0D line, but only the LCD made it. Oh well, I guess they want to keep me drooling for a 5D instead. ;-) I'll be keeping my 20D, though. The 85mm f/1.2 lens looks cool, though. :-)

Canon lenses

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This page introduces most Canon EF lenses and contrasts quite a few of them in nice comments.

Canon 20D questions

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Question at Chromasia regarding a canon 20d photo

Canon EOS 20D Review

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New Canon EOS camera out. I read this review
and particularly I noted The camera also has long exposure noise reduction as an option. Does anyone have any experience with such noise reduction? Does it work satisfactory?

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