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Welcome to my website. The reason I have a website is that I like to maintain a space where you can find my content. But the way I use the internet, which is not so different from so many others, I leave much of my original content in places like Facebook and Twitter. I don't mind sharing, if I did I'm sure this content would have been behind a paywall and no-one would read it, but I do like to remain in control of it. When I give it to Facebook and Twitter, they can do more or less what they would like with it.

I'd therefore like to put it out there that I'm investigating options to have what I write there appear here also. Either as a carbon-copy, or even better, with this space as the original source. I could do that as a separate micro-blog feed, but I think that I perhaps prefer embedding it between the blog posts. We'll see, that's what I'm thinking so far anyway

Let me know what you think and how you deal with this, preferably as a post that you have full control over on your own site :-)

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